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Old Mine-cut Diamond Convertible Pendant Earrings


Dating from the late 19th century, these silver-topped gold earrings are set with over 8.00 carats of diamonds, and offer convertibility between day and night forms. Each domed top with scrolling floral and foliate devices enhanced by old mine-cut diamonds suspends a detachable conforming larger pendant joined by flexible diamond links, mounted in silver-topped 15K gold edged in bead motifs. These unusual and versatile earrings with their dark patina, white brilliance and gentle movement are dazzling and glamorous from daytime into evening.


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Item #: ER-10920
Country: Possibly England
Circa: 1890
Size: 2.75" length x 1.20" width
Materials: 94 old mine-cut diamonds (approximate total weight 8.20 carats); Silver-topped 15K gold

Old mine-cut diamonds, which were fashioned from the crystal rough by hand, have a higher crown and steeper crown angles than modern brilliant-cut diamonds. The choice of these proportions balances diamond’s’ capacity for brilliance with its other extraordinary properties, such as scintillation and fire. Due to the way these stones’ high crowns and steep angles interact with light energy, “old miners” display increased dispersion, the beautiful spectral color known as “fire”, as well as greater scintillation, the play of white and colored light flashes generated when the diamonds move.