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Complimentary gift wrap & shipping - Order before 12/22

Braid and Fringe 18K Gold Pendant Earrings

Created circa 1870, this pendant earrings are composed of 18K gold. Each articulated form is designed as oval top suspending braid motifs and domed pendant with wire fringe. Feather light yet with artful modeling and volume, these Victorian earrings combine warm gold and graceful movement.

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Item #: ER-20629
Circa: 1880's
Materials: 18K Gold

Earrings with flexible fringe were popular throughout Europe in the 1870s. In her important decade by decade study, Victorian Jewelry, Margaret Flower details the way in which earring length evolved from 1865-1870. During this period, they grew longer, until at last in 1870, evening pendant earrings reached the shoulders. In an unusual case where jewelry influenced clothing styles, instead of the reverse, enthusiasm for long earrings led to the restructuring of bonnets, because their strings became entangled with these elongated forms. Instead of strings, women wore "Benoîton chains" to affix bonnets to the head. This long chain, itself an ephemeral style, attached directly to the bonnet and hung down to the chest, bypassing the earrings and neck.