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Alphonse Mucha "Gismonda" Lithograph


Alphonse Mucha’s first and perhaps most famous poster, this iconic "Gismonda" lithograph would launch both the artist’s career and his very lucrative relationship with the famed actress Sarah Bernhardt, who is pictured here. The stunning image, executed in exacting, graphic linear detail and richly saturated tones, features Bernhardt, dressed lushly in elaborate robes against a backdrop of Byzantine faux-mosaic, in her eponymous role as Gismonda in the Greek melodrama of the same name.

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Item #: ML-19926
Artist: Alphonse Mucha
Country: France
Circa: 1894
Dimensions: 85" height, 29.25" width (framed)
Materials: Paper, Giltwood and gesso frame
Signed: "Mucha"

For Alphonse Mucha, this lithograph meant the launch of a bright career as a much sought-after lithograph master, a six-year professional relationship with the most celebrated stage personality of the era, involvement in the world of theater, and an entry into social circles which upgraded him to the stature of an influential art personality. Sarah Bernhardt liked the poster immensely, and subsequently ordered four thousand copies of it for both advertising purposes and to sell as an additional source of income for herself.