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René Lalique "Suzanne Au Bain" Illuminated Glass Sculpture


This illuminated sculpture, titled, "Suzanne Au Bain," or "Susanna at the Bath," by René Lalique, is an incredible Art Deco sculpture in strong white opalescent glass relief, captured the lush, rich draping, folding, falling and rippling of the near sheer robes that "Suzanne" casts from her body in exquisite and ultra-fine detail. "Suzanne" herself seems to caught in a moment of pause, reveling in nudity, her arms spread wide and her heel kicked up in joy while her head retreats into her shoulder and her eyes remain closed, demonstrating that this is a private moment of reverie.

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Item #: G-19848
Artist: René Lalique
Circa: 1925
Dimensions: 11.5" height, 9" width, 4" depth
Materials: Glass, Wood
Signed: "R. Lalique"

The story of Susanna and her bath, from the Judeo-Christian Book of Daniel, has been one that has fascinated artists for centuries. Painters such as Théodore Chassériau, Jacopo Robusti, Tintoretto and Salvador Dalí are a simple few who have treated the subject over the years, here, we have an incredible example of the subject attended to not only in three dimension, but with the added element of light.