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Barry Kieselstein-Cord Gold Alligator Bypass Bangle


Design in the long tradition of animal bracelets, this hinged bangle is a textured, sculptured alligator in gold, wrapping itself around the wrist. Designed as a bypass bracelet, with its tail circling around to meet its head, the alligator is naturalistically depicted with bony scutes and supple muscle. This unusual bangle, with its bold modeling and beautiful gold work, expresses the artist’s (and wearer’s) confident and original spirit.

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Item #: BA-19702
Artist: Barry Kieselstein-Cord
Country: United States
Circa: 2000s
Size: 7” internal circumference
Materials: 18K Gold
Signed: "Kieselstein-Cord 2001," "18k 750," and Maker’s symbol

Barry Kieselstein-Cord’s work has been in demand from celebrities and artists since 1973, when he won a prestigious Coty Award, and Mick Jagger famously commissioned a skull necklace. The 1988 collection included a silver alligator belt buckle, an example of which is in the collection of the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. It remains one of the artist’s most popular designs.