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Louis Majorelle Walnut Settee


This French Art Nouveau carved and upholstered walnut settee by Louis Majorelle is an attractive piece that depends upon its elaborate architecture instead of intricate detailing in the wood for its beauty, and its beauty does not disappoint. The charming construction seems to both bow inward to crown the heads of the sitters, while bowing outward to allow ample invitation for comfortable seating. The legs and arms of the chair are in charming converse orientation, adding gracefully to the complexity of the simply elegant piece.

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Artist: Louis Majorelle
Circa: 1900
Dimensions: 36" height, 54" length
Materials: Walnut wood, Cotton velvet upholstery

Louis Majorelle has long been celebrated for his ability to carve intricate detail and inlay exquisite marquetry, but this piece demonstrates that even with no ornamentation, the master furniture maker was capable of creating entirely elegant pieces of lasting beauty.