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Diamond Swag Brooch


A cascade of diamonds creates an uplifting feeling of abundance in this mid-20th century platinum brooch. This festive swag clip brooch is set with baguette diamonds that flow into sprays of dazzling articulated pendant marquise-cut diamonds, catching the light with a subtle, shimmering movement.

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Item #: YBO-18381
Circa: 1950s
Size: 2.25" length, 1" width 
Materials: 27 Marquise-cut diamonds (approximate total weight 15.75 carats); 54 Baguette-cut diamonds (approximate total weight 6.00 carats); Platinum

From the French meaning “to tremble,” en tremblant describes jewelry with a trembling effect produced when the wearer moves. Mostly used on brooches, en tremblant pieces incorporate tiny springs to allow constant movement of components.