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Émile Gallé Glass Marquetry "Crocus" Vase


A marquetry glass vase by Émile Gallé, this unique piece features a delicate, nearly translucent arrangement of crocus flowers in hues of orange and purple, against a soft, milky, cream-colored background. The French Art Nouveau vase's composition is delicately dominated by fields of sensuous, dripping lines—ranging from red to pink—leaving the impression of falling droplets of colored ink. The piece is accented with an applied band of tendrils, backed by silver foil inclusions.


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Item #: G-18021
Artist: Émile Gallé
Circa: 1900
Dimensions: 5" diameter, 17" height
Materials: Glass
Signed: "Gallé"
Literature: Similar vase is pictured in Émile Gallé et le Verre, la Collection du musée de l'École de Nancy, Parks: Somogy editions d'art, 2004, p. 137, ca. not. 222

Émile Gallé was not only a master glass blower and artist, but a famed and well-collected Art Nouveau furniture designer and woodworker. Though the mediums may vary greatly, attention to the natural and a sense of lightness and delicacy prevail throughout his work, as is evidenced here.