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Émile Gallé Chrysanthemum Cameo Glass Vase


This French Art Nouveau cameo glass vase, by Émile Gallé, features a whiskey-colored, transparent glass ground, with carved blooming chrysanthemum flowers that are painted in reds and whites, with green accents. The exceptional chrysanthemum blooms are sensitively-hued, with one hero blossom in deep crimson bursting upward in the composition, while the other flower forms are more subtly treated, with burnt oranges, greens, bright ambers and pure whites, mixing softly to create incredible depth.

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Item #: G-18466
Artist: Émile Gallé
Country: France
Circa: 1900
Dimensions: 14" height, 5.25" diameter 
Materials: Glass
Signed: “Gallé”

In Émile Gallé's spare time he was known to have become an accomplished botanist, studying with D. A. Godron, the director of the Botanical Gardens of Nancy and author of the leading textbooks on French flora. He collected various flora and fauna from around the world, and took courses in painting and drawing, making numerous drawings of plants, flowers, animals and insects, which became subjects of decoration, as is seen here.