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Rose-cut Diamond and Pearl Pendant Earrings

Created around 1890, these pearl and rose-cut diamond pendant earrings are set in silver-topped gold. Each earring is designed with a circular rose-cut diamond top suspending a flexibly-set pearl framed nu rose-cut diamonds, mounted in patinated silver-topped gold. With their velvety white pearls and scintillating rose-cuts, these dainty earrings are a miniature study in light and textural contrasts.

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Item #: ER-20824
Circa: 1890
Size: 0.625" length
Materials: 2 pearls (measuring approximately 5.50 x 5.50 mm; 26 rose-cut diamonds (approximate total weight 1.04 carats); Silver topped-gold

In the 1890s, straightforward and relatively small pendant earrings -suspended from a simple wire highlighted by a little gem - came into fashion, delivering a small punch of color and light just below the ear.