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The gallery will be closed Monday, 5/27 for Memorial Day
The gallery will be closed Monday, 5/27 for Memorial Day

Richard Tang 22K Granulated Gold Roman Coin Clip Earrings


These contemporary earrings set with ancient Roman coins were created by the Hong Kong - American jeweler Richard Tang. Each circular clip earring is set with a Roman Denarius from the Republican period, dating from circa the 2nd century B.C., alternately shown with obverse depicting the helmeted demi-goddess Roma, and the reverse of a similar coin depicting Zeus carrying a scepter and throwing a thunderbolt riding in a 4-horse chariot driven by winged Victory, both set in a circular gold frame with a hemi-surround of sunburst pattern granulation. Tang’s contemporary gold and silver earclips celebrate the artistic sensibility of the classical world, which created beauty even in its coinage, while enhancing the coins’ modeling via the virtuoso technique of granulation, an ancient art mastered by few living jewelers.


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Item #: ER-20106
Artist: Richard Tang, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Circa: Contemporary
Size: 1.125” diameter
Materials: 2 Roman Republican silver denarius; 22K gold 
Signed: With maker’s mark for Richard Tang, 22K

The ancient city of Syracuse in Sicily was one of the wealthiest colonies of greater Ancient Greece, rivaling Athens as a flourishing cultural center and locus of scientific achievement. The 5th century, when this coin was struck, was an eventful time: Syracuse defeated Carthaginian invaders, fought off a siege by Athens, and drove out enemies of democracy, reaching a political and cultural high point. With its setting of incomparable beauty, and dynamic citizens leading in art and science, the city became the one of the most powerful and envied in the Mediterranean world during this era.