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Revival 15k Gold Pendant Earrings

Likely made in England in the 1860s-70s, these 15k gold earrings were created in the Revival style. Each pendant earrings is designed as a geometric scrolling top suspending a freely-set central elongated ring with vertical double line motif and applied braided wirework, flanked by free-hanging ovoid drops, with floret and scrolling elements. A liberally interpreted Victorian take on Etruscan hoops, these lovely period earrings offer volume, motion, and sculptural form without heaviness.

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Item #: ER-20822
Country: probably England
Circa: 1860s-1870s
Dimensions: 2" length
Materials: 15K Gold

Earring styles changed frequently throughout the Victorian period. Jewelers drew freely from the vocabulary of design that expanded quickly as archaeological finds of jewelry were made throughout the Mediterranean and the Levant. While resembling no known archaeological model, these earrings look to the techniques and motifs of Etruscan and Hellenistic gold with their stylized references to the Ancients' jewelry with its applied wirework, florets, and seed-like pendant drops.