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Aquamarine and Diamond Earrings


These fancy-cut aquamarine and diamond clipback earrings are mounted in platinum and date from the mid-20th century. Their circular-fancy-cut aquamarines, weighing approximately 8.35 and 9.35 carats, are each set within a frame of round brilliant-cut diamonds accented by baguettes. With their saturated Caribbean-blue beauty, these big, sparkling gems enhance the eyes and illuminate the face.

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Item #: ER-20033
Circa: Mid-20th century
Size: 0.75" diameter
Materials: 2 Round fancy-cut aquamarines (weighing approximately 8.35 and 9.35 carats); 48 Round and 6 baguette-cut diamonds (approximate total weight 2.55 carats); Platinum

A cousin of the emerald, aquamarine is a color variant of the mineral beryl. Its tropical sea blue derives from trace amounts of iron which occurs by chance in the otherwise colorless crystal structure Most of the world’s largest and finest aquamarines are mined in Brazil. The gem-bearing region begins about 75 miles north of Rio de Janeiro, and many alluvial gem quality aquas have been found there, even in unusual places such as water wells, drainage channels and building foundations, in addition to conventional mining centers. Aquamarine takes well to both step-cuts and fancy cuts, offering exceptional sparkle and light performance.