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François-Rupert Carabin "Nude Woman with Chair" Wax Plaque

This wax plaque of a nude woman with chair by Rupert Carabin is an enchanting study of the female form. The model holds a swathe of drapery aloft, wrapping around her form accentuating her torso. The model's state of partial undress increases the sensuality of the piece. Her pose references that of the floating maenads of Pompeii, specifically that of the Casa dei Dioscuri. Chromolithographs and Engravings of the frescoes were proliferated across Europe from the eighteenth to nineteenth centuries, deeply influencing the Neoclassical artists.

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Item #: YS-20806
Artist: Carabin
Country: France
Circa: 1912
Dimensions: 14" height, 8" width, 1.25" depth
Materials: Wax
Signed: à l'ami Boltz and R. Carabin
Literature: Similar nude study found in the Thierry-Lannon & Associés catalog sale, Brest, 26 September 2018, lot 208.

From 1895, Carabin photographed many of his nude models in his studio. Most were sex workers from the demimonde of Montmartre. Of these, some of Carabin's rare photographs were carefully adapted for sculptures. He was the most part interested in the medium as a tool for research in every aspect of the female nude.