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Émile Gallé Stag Beetle Carved Cameo Glass Vase


This carved cameo glass vase by Émile Gallé is decorated with silhouetted oak leaves and a stag beetle. From a gentle, opaque yellow background bursts the bright green and deep brown leaves and branches of a great oak, whose upper reaches of foliage seemingly envelope the entirety of the vase. Upon a single, exquisitely-rendered branch can be seen the detailed silhouette of a scarab beetle. Though similarly cast in shadow, this remarkable French Art Nouveau creature, who stretches hopefully upwards towards the light orange sky and swinging umbrage above him, has a green halo that matches the hue of the oak leaves he reaches towards.

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Artist: Émile Gallé
Circa: 1890s
Dimensions: 14.25" height, 4.5" diameter
Materials: Glass
Signed: "Gallé," with a partial original paper sticker
Literature: Similar vase pictured in Émile Gallé, by Philippe Garner, London: Academy Editions, 1976, p. 112

In ancient Greek mythology, the stag beetle was the infamous metamorphosis of a musician. According to Antoninus Liberalis (circa 150 AD), the famous Greek musician, Cerambus, was the very talented grandson of the sea god, Poseidon, who once so angered a group of nymphs that he was turned forever into a stag beetle, the beetle then becoming a famed symbol of the frustrated artist.