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Daum "Trumpet Vine" Cameo Vase


This Daum “Trumpet Vine” cameo vase of flat oval contour features trumpet vine flowers peeking through a field of grass and cat's ear (false dandelion) leaves. The vase has a subtle Martelé (hammered) pattern and a burnt orange/red hue that evokes golden hour. The trumpet vine was popular in the south of France, where may a garden have blooms covering a pergola or growing up a wall. Daum envisions the Trumpet Vine in a more wild setting, a beauty revealed amongst the weeds.

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Item #: G-20242
Artist: Daum Nancy
Country: France
Circa: 1912-15
Dimensions: 4.75" height, 7" width, 3" depth
Materials: Cameo Glass, Acid Etched
Signed: Daum Nancy
Literature: Similar design found on vase and ceiling light in "Galerie Wuehre 9-Art Deco, Katharina Butticker, Daum Nancy Maitres Verriets, Cat. no 105"

The various glass techniques, each expertly employed to create an ethereal effect, make this Daum Nancy vase a technical wonder, as well as an wondrous visual masterpiece from the Art Nouveau period.