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Daum Nancy "Winter Landscape" Glass Vase


This French Art Nouveau "Winter Landscape" glass vase with an inverted lip, by Daum Nancy, features an etched and enameled depiction of trees in a barren meadow, a forested background against an amber and orange sky. The brightness of the amber backdrop in this composition cannot lift the chill that seems to emanate from the very heart of the glass masterpiece; the regal but barren tree, the expertly-etched ice, the crisp detail of the foreground meeting the haze that envelopes the background just as cool air meets warm all leaves the impression that this incredible work by Daum Nancy may actually be cold to the touch.

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Item #: G-18301
Artist: Daum Nancy
Circa: 1900
Dimensions: 9.75" height, 4.5" diameter 
Materials: Glass, Enamel
Literature: Vase with similar decoration is pictured in Daum Frères: Maîtres Verriers, 1892-1935, by Katharina Büttiker-Weber, Zurich: Galerie Katharina Büttiker, 1986, cat. no 27

There is remarkable similarity between the work of Daum Nancy and the Barbizon School of Painters, who worked earlier in the 19th century within the school of French Realism, depicting in great and beautiful detail the Forest of Fontainebleau.