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Claudius Linossier Dinanderie Vase


This richly earthen-toned mixed metal vase in the Art Deco style, by Claudius Linossier, exhibits the beautifully expert application of silver inlays on a combination of hammered brass and copper. The organically rounded vase appears timeless, perhaps ancient, perhaps modern, with refined scrolling decoration around the juncture between the two primary tones that would appeal to the eye in any decade, or century, for that matter.

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Item #: B-19906
Artist: Claudius Linnossier
Circa: 1930
Dimensions: 9" height, 8" diameter 
Materials: Hammered brass, Copper, Silver Inlay
Signed: “Cl. LINOSSIER N83”

Claudius Linossier was a highly important French Art Deco metal artist, who chose to work in the very old and very difficult technique of dinanderie, which involved decorating hand-raised copper vessels with specially made metal oxides that were hammered into the surface, and when heated, produced subtle and beautiful colors.