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Bulgari Burmese No-Heat Ruby and Diamond Clip Earrings

Set with large cabochon Burmese rubies and diamonds, these 1960s clip earrings were created by Bulgari. Each omega clip-back earring is set with a high domed oval Burma ruby cabochon, each weighing over 8.50 carats, framed by round brilliant-cut diamonds interspersed with an outer edge of diamond melee, and the rubies are accompanied by a report from Gübelin laboratories stating Burma origin. Set in a sparkling surround of fine diamonds, these gems are gorgeous, wearable jewels, and make an important addition to any collection of stones of significant historic origin.

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Item #: ER-21006
Artist: Bulgari
Circa: 1960s
Dimensions: 0.875" length x 0.75" width
Materials: 2 cabochon rubies (approximate total weight 17.66 carats); 48 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximate total weight 9.00 carats with VS clarity and F/G color grade); Platinum; 18K Gold
Signed: BVLGARI PT950 750
Documentation: Accompanied by Guebelin Laboratory report #23012402/1 and 2 dated 26 January 2023 stating that the rubies are of Burma origin, and have no indications of heating.

Fine cabochon Burma rubies over five carats are only occasionally seen in the market due to a number of factors, including the relative rarity of the element chromium, and how infrequently the correct conditions existed in geologic history for this particular species of gem to form. Matched untreated Burma rubies of size are rare.