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Sasportas Blue Chalcedony and Gold Plaque Bracelet


Created in the 1950s, this Sasportas bracelet is composed carved blue chalcedony, polished gold, and black enamel. Designed as a plaque bracelet of canted edges and reverse arches, each link is set with stylized, leaf-carved chalcedony tablet flanked by incised lines and raised black enamel bars. With its bold design and unorthodox combination of colors and materials, this unusual French bracelet expresses the relentlessly modern, inventive spirit of the time.

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Item #: BA-18710
Artist: Sasportas, Paris
Country: France
Circa: 1950s
Size: 7.25” length, 0.875” width
Materials: 6 Carved blue chalcedony plaques; Enamel; 18K Gold
Signed: "3720 SAS" maker's mark, and French control marks

Saportas was a small, Parisian creative house which arrived on the scene in 1925, winning a gold medal at the Exposition International des Arts Decoratifs for their distinctive jewelry featuring engraved stones and enamel, such as this bracelet.