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Rose Gold Tank Track Bracelet


Composed of rose gold, this Retro tank track bracelet was made in Argentina in the 1940s. The bracelet is designed as a series of high volume trapezoidal forms adjoined by oblong links with canted corners, creating an unusual composition. With its contrasts of volume versus negative space, and layered flat surfaces versus canted planes, it constructs a bold, modernist look.

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Item #: BA-19356
Country: Argentina
Circa: 1940s
Size: 7.50” length, 1.125" width
Materials: 18K Rose gold (108.8 grams)
Signed: "Argentina K18"

Argentina received a new influx of European goldsmiths in the 1930s, when Italian and French immigrant jewelers escaping the Great Depression and rise of fascism imported the Modernist aesthetic into the nation’s creative mix.