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Rose Gold and Diamond Tank Bracelet


The diamond line that courses through this Retro rose gold tank bracelet lends scintillating delicacy to the powerful form. Composed of a series of rose gold panel and bar links, the softly undulating surface is contoured by round-cut diamonds mounted in white gold. The contrast and the compliment of materials and the bold sculptural quality of this bracelet make it a sublime exemplar of 1940s jewelry design.

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Circa: 1940s
Size: 7.25” length, 1.25” width
Materials: 80 Round brilliant-cut diamonds (approximate total weight 6.40 carats); 18K Gold

It’s impossible to forget that jewelry makers of the 1940s faced material scarcity due to the war effort and the need for precious metals–making finding a piece like this all the more exhilarating for its rarity.