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Pair of Gold-Banded Gutta-Percha Bangle Bracelets


This pair of antique bangle bracelets, in rich dark gutta-percha with contrasting stripes of gold, are strikingly contemporary looking. Composed of natural Malaysian tree resin and formed in molds, polished gutta-percha jewels took many forms in the late 1800s. Light, smooth, and durable, these hinged bangles with their double bands of gleaming gold slip easily onto the wrist as an original and ultra-modern looking accessory. Sold exclusively as a matching set.

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Item #: BA-17320
Country: Attributed to England
Circa: 1870s-1880s
Size: 5.875” and 6.25” interior circumferences
Materials: Natural gutta percha; 18K Gold
Literature: Similar bracelets pictured in Victorian Jewelry, by Ginny Reddington Dawes and Corinne Davidov, Abbeyville Press Publishers, 1991, p. 134

In the late 19th century, gutta-percha was a revolutionary new material with limitless possibilities, and, in jewelry, an environmentally-friendly alternative to tortoiseshell.