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Bloomed Gold and Angel Skin Coral Buckle Bracelet


This classic Victorian hinged bangle bracelet with a buckle motif and angel skin coral cabochons is composed of bloomed gold. It is designed as a high relief bloomed gold strap, closed by a buckle and rounded lappet, secured by a band accented by oval angel skin coral cabochons. A favorite Victorian sentimental form, yet with a clean and contemporary look, give or wear this bracelet as a symbol of love and affection.

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Item #: BA-19889
Circa: 1880s
Size: 6.25” interior circumference
Materials: 6 Oval angel skin coral cabochons; 18K Gold

Sentimental jewelry was hugely popular in Europe from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, expressing a variety of emotions including passion, affection, loyalty, devotion and mourning. Preferred symbols and emblems for jewelry included hearts, keys, knots, buckles, eyes, miniature portraits, acrostics, snakes, cupids, and other signifiers of love and attachment, that we still cherish today.