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Complimentary gift wrap & shipping - Order before 12/22

Bi-Color Gold Tank Track Link Bracelet


Dating from the 1940s, this French Retro tank track bracelet is formed of bi-color yellow and rose gold links. On a base of open yellow gold rectangles with arched and semi-cylindrical rose gold geometric motifs, the bracelet is joined by oblong canted rose gold links. A study in subtle contrasting and complementary geometry, this bracelet creates artistic beauty from the forms of industry and mechanics.

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Item #: BA-17972
Country: France
Circa: 1940s
Size: 7.25’’ length, 0.75’’ width
Materials: 18K Gold; 18K Rose gold

During World War II, jewelers were limited in their access to platinum, so they embraced the opportunity to experiment with the polychrome richness of gold alloys, including the highly popular rose gold, as well as gray and green varieties.