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Théophile Alexandre Steinlen "Lait Pur Stérilisé de la Vingeanne" Lithograph


This French Art Nouveau lithograph, entitled "Lait pur stérilisé de la Vingeanne," by Théophile Alexandre Steinlen, is advertising "pure, sterilized milk from Vingeanne" and presents the viewer with a wholesome image of a young girl, thought to be the artist's daughter, perched on a chair, drinking from a bowl of milk with both hands. Three cats crowd around her feet, their mouths open as if meowing plaintively.

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Item #: YML-19695
Artist: Théophile Alexandre Steinlen
Circa: 1894
Dimensions: 63" height, 49" width (framed)
Materials: Paper, Giltwood and gesso frame
Signed: "Steinlen"

Sterilized, or pasteurized milk was a new product in 1894, and it was shipped to Paris from the Quillot Brothers dairy in the Vingeanne district of east-central France as Théophile Alexandre Steinlen's poster informs us. Steinlen employed his favorite familiars, his young daughter Colette and his beloved cats, to convey the message of the healthfulness of pasteurized milk, inspiring the American poster designer, Louis Rhead, to write, "When I saw it in Paris last year, it seemed to me the best and brightest form of advertising that had yet appeared."