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François-Rupert Carabin Patinated Bronze Sculpture


Bare breasted and overtaken with joy, the female form in this patinated bronze sculpture is brimming with life and liveliness. The resolute musculature of the figure's back explains visually the ease with which she summons her garments skyward, while the peaceful countenance of her facial expression seems nearly at odds with the vigor imbued in the twirling of her skirts. Through the sea of fabric enveloping her lower half her solid stance is visible; a whisper of a silhouette that speaks to the talent and sophistication of its maker.

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Item #: S-20109
Artist: François-Rupert Carabin
Circa: 1900
Country: France
Dimensions: 8.75" height, 5" width 
Materials: Bronze
Signed: "R Carabin"

The inspiration for this remarkable composition was undeniably the celebrated American dancer Loie Fuller, who found fame in Paris performing an act that came to revolutionize such fields as stage lights, stage setting and contemporary dance.