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Daum Nancy Wheel-Carved Jonquil Daffodil Cameo Glass Pitcher Vase


This French Art Nouveau wheel-carved cameo glass pitcher vase, by Daum Nancy, is a delicate piece that features a mottled, milky white, cloud-like background with smokey, mottled blue mountains rising just before the break to the foreground. The foreground, carved in delicate, exacting relief, depicts flowering white jonquil daffodils with yellow centers framed by sinuous, wispy elongated leaves.

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Item #: G-10765
Artist: Daum Nancy
Circa: 1900
Dimensions: 7.5" height, 2.75" diameter
Materials: Glass, Vitrified glass powders
Signed: "Daum Nancy" with the Croix de Lorraine
Literature: Vase with similar decoration pictured in Daum Nancy: Maîtres Verriers, by Katharina Büttiker, Zurich: Galerie Katharina Büttiker, 2001, p. 125, cat. no. 76

Both distant mountain ranges and the jonquil daffodil are native to the Nancy region in France, meaning this special, delicate piece is most likely a depiction of the special region in which it was made.