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Tiffany Studios New York "Red Hooked Feather" Favrile Glass Vase


Called a "Red Hooked Feather" vase, this charming piece by Louis Comfort Tiffany for Tiffany Studios New York, made of his trademark Favrile glass, is a petite but alluring figure in the famed maker's formidable oeuvre. Comprised of sweeping lines, the body of the piece rises and falls before dancing upward to create the neck of the vase. The body of the work is an eye catching, bright red hue that has some translucence, allowing light to bring the color to life. Decorating this wonderfully colored body is a silvered iridescent pulled feather design that encircles the bottom two thirds of the composition and imbues the entire piece with a joyful sense of movement.

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Item #: T-17338
Artist: Tiffany Studios New York
Country: United States
Circa: 1907
Dimensions: 3.25'' diameter, 3.25'' height
Materials: Favrile glass
Signed: ''L.C.T. - 1386-B''

“Favrile” is the trade name that Louis Comfort Tiffany gave to his blown art glass. The name derives from the Latin word “fabrilis,” meaning "made by hand." Tiffany intended the Favrile designation as a guarantee to current customers and future collectors of the fine quality of these objects.