Decorative Arts

Carved Aquamarine Polar Bear by Gerd Dreher
Gerd Dreher—S-18937
"Spiders and Brambles" Cameo Glass Vase by Gabriel Argy-Rousseau
Argy Rousseau—G-18893
Amalric Walter and Henri Bergé "Koi in Seaweed" Pâte-de-Verre Vide-Poche
Almeric Walter—P-18905
Burgun and Schverer Cameo Vase
Burgun & Schverer—G-18904
French Art Nouveau 'Fleurs de Pommier' Cameo Glass Vase by Émile Gallé.
Walter and Bergé Pâte de Verre Lizards Tray
Almeric Walter—P-18906
French Armchairs by Louis Majorelle
French Art Nouveau Vase, "Eucalyptus," by Gabriel Argy-Rousseau
Gabriel Argy-Rousseau—G-18403
French Art Nouveau Gilt Bronze Vide-Poche by Max Blondat
Art Nouveau Pâte de Verre Plaque by Amalric Walter
Almaric Walter—P-18480
French Pate de Verre Vase by Gabriel Argy-Rousseau
French Art Nouveau Desk by Louis Majorelle
French Art Nouveau "Chardons" Pâte de Verre Vase by Roussea
French Art Nouveau Dragonfly Table by Émile Gallé.
Monumental French Art Nouveau Vase by Daum
French Cameo Glass Vase by Daum


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